by Dead Shakes

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On this record, Dead Shakes is: Mike, Stix, Adam & Zink.

Recorded late 2014 in Dubai, UAE by Mike.
Mixed by Chris Ryan in Belfast, Ireland early 2015.
1,3,5,7 written by Mike, 2,4,6,8 written by Adam.


released May 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Dead Shakes Dubai, UAE

Dubai based punks trying to play music #Whiskey #Vagina

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Track Name: The Most Significant Bummer of my Lifetime
There’s no crying out these days
And i’m just stumbling through this haze
Of knowing/not knowing where this day is going
This bar is my crutch and there are no signs of slowing

It it the same for you?
I hazily wonder if you feel it too
Is it the same for you?
I raise up my glass to the roof and salute

I’m lying outright these days
I never want to go any place
The boredom ensures that I’ll hate the next morning
But now in this bar, let’s keep the shots flowing

Is it the same for you?
With ennui I wonder do you feel it too
Is it the same for you?
I smash up this glass in a drunken salute

I’ve pickled my liver, I’m fickle as shit
This song won’t deliver but i’ll still sing it
Track Name: The Other Side of the World
Sat here on my own
Trying to tune the radio
Trying to find a signal to take my mind off you

I gotta fill the void
That you left behind
With something other than static and white noise

The other side of the world
The other end of time
Street lights flicker in the dusty city night
I listen for your call
Spend all day hanging
Around that beat up phone box

Its strange round here
This time of year
But the parry still goes on all night long

The other side of the world
The other end of time
Street lights flicker in the dusty city night
I listen for your call
Whilst I'm hanging
Around that beat up phone box, were we spent those summer nights

We'd stand there talking for hours
We never made the call
Listening to the hum of my car radio
I'd save my change for a movie mattinae
Or for that house that I propomised you that day

I drive to the edge of town
Look up to the sky
I see that crescent moon
And I know your looking too
There's nothing like absence babe
To make the heart grow fonder
But let's not make this last
Any longer
Track Name: Statewide Mancunt
Your mother was a tramp
I met her in a park
Your mother was a tramp
She was sleeping in a shopping cart

Your father was a suit
I met him on a boat
Your father was a suit
He was giving up on hope

You mother was a tramp
Your father was a suit
And I don't know how the fuck they raised you
Track Name: Casanova Highway
Answer your phone Janey
I'm outside your house baby
The cars fired up, lets go for a ride
Down to the drive thru
The sky is beautiful tonight
Like your eyes in the evening light
Park the car on the river bank
Watch ships pass each other by

Four wheeled romance
Drive for hours and hours
Keep her ticking over, over and over
Headlights getting brighter, brighter and brighter

Lets drive across county lines
Don’t worry 'bout speeding fines
I'm all fired up, lets go for a ride
Around Love Lane Corner
Switch on the radio
One last song before we go
Glove box full of chewed up tapes
Past mistakes from previous days
Track Name: Bromancing the Stone
Tonight we'll turn this record up and sing
Until our hearts give up and our lungs cave in
We'll smoke these cigarettes until out throats are scratched and raw
And drink these drinks until we're cashed out on the floor

And i know that getting through this will be tricky
But tonight we're going to hedge our bets on whiskey
Track Name: Toenail
I keep myself bottled up
I dont wanna say a thing
Staring at this coffee
I know I'm losing everything

Cause sat here at this diner
Is a man broken in two
I can't bring myself to tell you
That I'm really into you

I, Yeah I
Cant remember everything that was said that night
I’m scared, yeah I’m scared
I might have said something stupid in return

It’s all about whats in your heart, not in your head
But whatever’s on my mind, falls out my mouth

I’d rather spend these nights, haunting these bars
Trying to break the shackels from my heart.
I'm a hopeless, romantic, with an ear for a catchy tune
I’d rather spend my night with you.

What’s your name? where you from? Where you going tonight?
I put these records on the juke box, cause I thought they might impress you
Track Name: Lucky Asterisk
I thought i had it figured out
These misconnections and wrong directions never foreshadowed any doubt
They're just same tired hang ups that I always have

And i was sitting at this bar wondering where you are

It's so crowded in here that I can barely breathe I couldn't give a shit what anyone has to say
There's an anxious part of me that wants to see you again and bigger part that hopes you stay away

And i was sitting at this bar wondering whether you’re my lucky star

Remembering that night i turned to you and said "hey whiskey, I wrote you a record
cause you'll never let me down"
But you grinned, half frowned and answered
“You ain't seen nothing now"
Track Name: Mirdif City Nights
Hey J' what we doing tonight
I'm sick of all these people
The same faces, the same places, I don't know where to run
I think I've graduated
From small town politics
Where everyone knows my business and I know their's

We're going in circles girl
So much that I feel square
Strap yourself in, hold on tight, we’ll spread our wings tonight
We'll be all right

Let's move to the city

I can't wait to be there
Bright lights replace the stars
Where the cars are fast and the party's last
Temptation's rolling in

Green fields that we once grew up in
They start to fade to black
Silver screen heroes that we wanted to be, are becoming reality
Were doing fine

We can stay here forever
Make hay while the sun shines
We can stay here forever
Until you want to go